Building Envelope

Our building envelope services are a vital part of any project. They provide protection from the weather and help to keep the building's interior temperature comfortable.

Commercial building waterproofing in Texas

A thorough approach.
Tackling leaks at their source.

Our building envelope construction services provide a complete overview of your building's watertightness and overall condition. Our thermal drone assessments provide a detailed view of any insulation deficiencies or air leaks, while our water testing can identify potential water infiltration points. We also provide full condition reports that outline any necessary repairs or upgrades.


Prioritizing detection
utilizing the latest technology

We embrace the latest technology in commercial construction, specifically leak detection, and thermal imaging. One of the techniques we use is Drone Thermal Imaging. This advanced process allows us to identify small areas of moisture intrusion in your commercial building, even ones invisible to the naked eye during a standard inspection.


Building Envelope Assessments

You'll find many advantages to working with us to assess  your property. Our thermal imaging process finds more than just leaks. It also identifies other types of damage.

For example, moisture trapped in your roof system can rust or rot your roof deck, compromising the structural integrity of your building. Water intrusion in your roof system may also lead to interior damage from leaks and impact critical electrical and mechanical systems in your building.

Our services include:

  • Thermal drone assessments
  • Discovering the source of problem leaks
  • Full condition reports
An aerial shot of the top of a commercial roof
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“I hired SCS to take care of some structural leaks in my building. The SCS team was very attentive to the issues and handled them in a professional and courteous manner. Likewise, the workmanship exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend SCS for any leaks you may have with your building.”

Rob Masteller

“SCS recently repaired my property after it was damaged by a storm. They were very experienced with the insurance process. They did a great job identifying all the damage and developing repair options. Thanks to their team's attention to detail I have lower annual maintenance cost, and a more valuable property. Highly recommend them to anyone that’s experiencing leaks or has storm damage.”

Harrison Musser

“These guys are very professional and know what they are doing, I will continue to hire them when needed!”

Andrew Douty​